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Original Art & Quality Prints in Whitby, North Yorkshire

Original Art

Our extensive stock of original paintings combines the work of the very best local artists with work from many other parts of Britain and overseas.

Approximately 20 artists supply us on a regular basis, some of these artists are exclusive to Whitby Galleries.

Our artists are listed below. Please click on any image to see a range of paintings by that artist, including some, but by no means all of our current stock, details of which can be emailed upon request.

Please click on an image or artist name below to view their paintings in more detail:

Catherine J. Stephenson

Catherine was born in North Yorkshire and began painting at an early age. Her love of watercolour developed rapidly and, after a successful career in stained glass design, she made the decision to paint professionally.

John Drake

John is based in the West Midlands. He is a self-taught artist who paints in his spare time around his job for the local council. Watercolour painting is his passion and he loves to meet people who appreciate his art.

Bridget Wilkinson

Bridget is a professional artist from Whitby. Her work is bold and colourful and is inspired by the beautiful surroundings of Whitby

Ben Payne

Ben is a self-taught artist but learned a great deal from his artist mother. In 2003, following a career as a behavioural therapist, he turned a lifelong hobby into a flourishing career. His work with children with autism taught him to communicate in a very direct, simplistic language and this is translated in his painting style

Sandie Coe

Sandie Coe was born in London and now lives by the Sussex Downs.. She is a completely self-taught artist, usually painting in oils.

Graham Colthorpe

Graham Colthorpe was born in Leeds in 1953. He had no idea which career path to follow until he walked into Leeds City Art Gallery for the first time. It was then he knew that he wanted to become an artist.

Linda Golding

Linda Golding first began painting in her early twenties and has painted relentlessly ever since. She works mainly in acrylic paint but also experiments with acrylic ink which she finds vibrant and exciting.

David Deakins

David was born in 1944 and lives with his wife in the South-West of England. He has two grown-up children. He paints mainly with a palette knife, continuing in the tradition and style of his late father, George, who for 30 years painted in his studio in Somerset.

Jake Jones

Jake Jones was born in Cambridge in 1972. He spent his childhood in rural Cambridgeshire where he developed his love for creativity and open spaces.

Rob Wilson

Rob Wilson was born in Co Durham in 1947. He was a keen painter at school and had his first exhibition when he was only 15 years old. In prior days he used mainly poster and oil paints as these were the easiest paints to get hold of.

Lisa Marie Robinson

Lisa-Marie Robinson was born in the North-East of England in 1979. Having always had a passion for nature as well as art, she felt it only natural to combine the two and, after conventional schooling, studied Natural History Illustration and gained a BA (hons) Degree in Design and Illustration.

Jonathan Shaw

As a child Jonathan always loved to paint and stood in awe of his father, a professional artist. He always felt he was destined to follow in his father’s footsteps, but after leaving school found himself working in a variety of jobs, finally finding a creative position as an interior designer.

Emma Beardsworth

Emma has always been an active artist and has sold work all over the world. Her current work is heavily influenced by the sea and Whitby itself; in particular the waves and the movement of the sea.

Claire Baxter

Claire Baxter was born in Harrogate in 1978 and, as a child, was never happier than with a pack of crayons and a colouring book. Claire completed a BA Hons. Degree in Fashion Design at Salford University in 2001 and then went on to teach Art at Secondary School level whilst painting semi-professionally. She left teaching altogether in 2014 to concentrate on her painting career.

Jack Duffill

Jack Duffill was born in 1940 in Bradford in the West Riding of Yorkshire. After conventional schooling, he attended the Regional College of Arts and Crafts in Bradford where he was introduced to Art, Design, Pottery and Metalwork.

Jeff Streets

Jeff showed a natural talent for drawing at an early age, completing art school training before moving into advertising. For many years he ran his own art and design business, becoming a freelance illustrator and specialist architectural illustrator with many national and international accounts.

Val Gildroy

Val paints in watercolour and loves the way she can blend the colours into each other. She is inspired by the sea and buildings around Whitby

Janet Howell

Janet's work is focused on personal experience of the people and places she has encountered during her many travel experiences. She draws inspiration from repeated pattern, music, architecture , flowers and traditional botanical drawings.

Sharon Baldry

Sharon Baldry was born in Hackney, London in 1960 . For many years she specialised in botanical studies and has exhibited with the Royal Horticultural Society at the Mall Galleries, London.

Anne Fryers

Anne Fryers studied at Manchester College of Art and Design from 1965 to 1970, graduated in 1969 with Dip. A.D. (Textile Design) and gained the Certificate in Education in 1970. She then taught Art for 3 years at the Adelphi Girls Grammar School, Salford.

Geoff and Anne-Marie Rose

Geoff and Anne-Marie met at polytechnic and have a shared love of art. They share a passion for Whitby and love walking along the beaches with their dog, The pebbles and glassware they see on the beach have inspired them to create their pieces of art

Kevin Palmer

Kevin Palmer was a sign writer during his working life, painting pictorial signs for Vaux Breweries and shop facias. Now retired, he has time to concentrate on painting and is a member of Cleveland Arts Society.

Lydia Streets

Lydia Streets completed an HND in graphic design and illustration, graduating in 2001. Her passion for fine art has been a constant; she comes from a family of artists who give her advice and inspiration.

John Sibson

John paints mainly in watercolour. His main main subject matter is the hills and dales of the Noirth of England as well as historic market towns and fishing ports

Catherine J Stephenson Collectors Range

Catherine J Stephenson is a highly collectable professional watercolourist and published artist. From time to time Catherine produces a wonderful range of resin work. Also, every so often she will release a painting that has very personal meaning to her.

Antony Gardham

Antony lives in Whitby and comes from a family of artists. His career has taken him down two different paths - one as a hand-painted sign writer and the other as a counselling and psychotherapy practitioner. Antony's paintings are influenced by Whitby, the sea and the customer. He paints very evocative works in oil.

Paul Freeman

Paul was born and lives in South Yorkshire. He took up painting in 2016 and since then has won awards and critical acclaim for his work. He main medium is acrylic but he also uses watercolour and mixed media effects.

Laura Ward

Laura is a self-taught artist who works by combining acrylics with paper collage. Each piece tells a story and if you look closely you will find small secrets and hidden details that not only show how a place looks but also weaves in the history of the loaction