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Ben Payne

Ben has been painting all his life and is largely self-taught, but he learned a great deal as he grew up from his artist mother. 

After his school days in Wimbledon he graduated in Psychology and pursued a career as a behavioural therapist working with young children with autism. He believes this taught him to value simplicity and to communicate in a very direct and accessible language. He translates this approach into his paintings and his paintings have been described as "displaying a certain innocence which sets them apart from the work of his contemporaries".

In 2003 Ben turned what had been a lifelong hobby into a very successful career. He sells across the United Kingdom and internationally and is now a well-renowned artist, widely recognised for his escapist landscapes and fluid dancing figures.

Stags at Dusk (BP48)

Oil / 36" x 18" framed / price on application

Moonlight Stroll (BP29)


Beach Stroll (BP49)


City Walkway (BP35)

Oil / 23" x 23" framed / price on application

Woodland Walk (BP47)


Woodland Majestic Stag (BP31)

Oil / 23" x 23" framed / price on application