Whitby Galleries

Original Art & Quality Prints in Whitby, North Yorkshire

Maria Wharton

Maria lives and teaches art locally.

She has a BA in 3-dimensional design and a PGCE in technology.

Her life experiences are always a source of inspiration for the works she creates.

She loves capturing natural forms, particularly patterns in nature. Her recent work explores the use of Fauvist influences with complimentary colours and displaced patterns to form unusual landscapes. Her landscapes involve places we recognise and visit regularly.

Her current work is painted on board using a variety of media. She finishes them off with a clear resin.

Sunset over Abbey (MW004)

Resin / 18" x 17" / £270

Whitby (MW024)

Mixed Media / 21" x 21" framed / £380

Whitby (MW023)

Mixed Media / 21" x 21" framed / £380

Fields of Gold (MW009)

Resin / 16" x 16" / £270

Mystical Tree (MW012)

Resin / 13" x 17" framed / £290

Sunrise over Whitby (MW019)

Mixed Media / 13" x 17" framed / £290